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Oswestry Window Cleaning Service

Our Oswestry Window Cleaning Service Is Customized To Your Needs & Designed To Make Your Windows Clean & Clear All Year Round!

Window Cleaning Service

Are you looking for a window cleaning service in the Oswestry area?

Window cleaning should be part of your maintenance checklist for your property the same way you maintain the regular upkeep of your home or office interior and your lawn. Today, our environment, the air, in particular, is much more polluted than it was a few decades ago. Particulates from industrial/vehicle fumes and dust brought by sand storms are among the biggest sources of pollution that make windows dirty over time.

Whether your property is residential or commercial, windows provide the best source of impression to your guests and neighbours. Clean, well-maintained windows attract visitors and customers like no other part of your home or building. Doing window cleaning yourself is not advisable, however for its inconvenience and safety concerns to you or your business manpower. Make the positive impression others have on your property stay and last long through a professional window cleaning service provider.

Professional Window Cleaning Company

When you need a reliable window cleaner in Oswestry, Border Maintenance Services Ltd. is the professional service provider to partner with. We serve the areas of Wrexham, Oswestry, and Chester. We are external property cleaning and lawn services experts specialised in residential and commercial window cleaning. If your home has a conservatory, you can also call us for our expert conservatory cleaning in Oswestry and other areas we serve.

We guarantee to clean your windows right the first time turning them over to you spotlessly clean and gleaming. Our window cleaning service professionals are highly experienced and trained in modern, safe, and effective methods of window cleaning. Licensed and insured, they provide consistently excellent customer service. All our work is covered with £5 million public liability insurance, which will give you peace of mind.

Our Expert and Local Cleaning Service

Before we start, our window cleaner will have an initial discussion with you to determine any special instructions you may have and how we will go about with our cleaning process.  

All high-level cleaning including window cleaning is performed from ground level. We use water fed pole systems that do not need the use of ladders. This eliminates the risk of working at height protecting both our staff and your property. It complies with safety requirements in the Working at Height legislation that all work at height must be made as safe as possible and avoided wherever possible.

We use filtered water to prevent any possible water-related contamination. Included in our service are the cleaning of your window frames, sills, and doors.

You’ll find our rates very affordable. Call us for either a one-off or regular window cleaning service depending on your preference and budget.