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Pressure Washing

With Our Pressure Washing Service, We Can Clean Most External Hard Surfaces and Building Plastics, Including Driveways, Patios, Walls, Fascias & More!

Wrexham Pressure Washing Service

Are you looking for pressure washing or driveway and patio cleaning service in the Wrexham and Oswestry areas?

You may not notice it but over time, your driveway and patio get dirtier especially if you do not regularly clean them. The driveway usually gets stained by oil leaks and tyre marks while the patio turns dirty from grime, soil, and dirt and mud stains. Neglect also causes the materials used for these structures such as concrete, asphalt, cobblestone, or natural stone to be overwhelmed by moss and algae. Instead of creating a positive impression, these conditions can make your property a turn-off for other people.   

Whether yours is a residential or commercial property, a clean exterior attracts visitors and clients. You can let the old charm and appeal of your property’s exterior return with a professional cleaning. Whilst you may want to perform the cleaning yourself, only an experienced cleaning company can effectively do it.

Professional Pressure Washing Service

Border Maintenance Services Ltd. can help you. Based in Wrexham, we are experts in external property cleaning and lawn services specialising in pressure washing and window cleaning. Aside from Wrexham, we also serve the areas of Oswestry and Chester. With us, the grime, stains, algae, and moss that may have become a regular feature of your driveway and patio can be washed away in hours.

We use the latest technology in pressure cleaning using an efficient, powerful pressure washer capable of easily wiping out deeply imbedded stains and grime on surfaces.

The results of our professional work will leave you in awe and you will not have to call us for the next general cleaning in a long time.   

Quality Driveway Cleaning

Through our professional pressure washing service, we get rid of all algae, mold, lichen, and fungi that have accumulated for a long time and rendered your driveway unsightly. We also remove oil stains (where possible) and tyre marks on the surface. We will clean your driveway leaving it looking like newly constructed.

Exceptional Patio Cleaning

Your patio could have been paved with similar material to that of your driveway, i.e., concrete, natural stone, etc. It is likely that it has also been affected by algae, mold, lichen, and fungi. We pressure wash your patio and eliminate them and grime and other stains. We clean, treat and seal your patio with a high-grade acrylic sealer. If your patio surface uses natural stone or printed concrete, its natural beauty and colour will be brought similar to its original condition.

Call us to schedule the pressure washing of your property exterior. We can do a one-off cleaning or provide you a regular maintenance service.