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Wrexham Lawn Care

Clear Over Grown Lawns and Maintain Established Lawns With Our Wrexham Lawn Maintenance Service

Wrexham Lawn Maintenance Service

Whether it is a full lawn care package you need or just mowing every couple of weeks we can help, covering Wrexham, Oswestry, Chester and surrounding areas!

Unlike most Wrexham lawn care companies, who offer just treatments or just lawn mowing, with Border Maintenance Services LTD you can choose either service OR combine them in to a full lawn care package!

Individual Treatments or Mowing from Just £10!!!!

Our aim is to give our valued customers an amazing range of services and products at competitive prices.

With individual treatments and regular mowing starting from JUST £10 each AND the ability to spread the cost monthly by direct debit on a 12 month treatment plan, our lawn care services offer amazing value for money!

Giving The Environment A Helping Hand.

Too many lawn care companies, not just in the Wrexham area but nationwide, show great disrespect towards the environment in the name of profits!

Our aim is to be as environmentally friendly as possible by…….

  • Not over applying fertilisers. Some companies are that careless that they cover nearby pavements up to a metre or two away from the lawn! This excessive application is wasteful AND can cause excess runoff into local water courses.
  • Using little (preferably none!) pesticides! We aim to do this by educating, guiding and applying cultural changes (mowing height/frequency, watering, Scarifying etc) and use of mechanical weed removal where possible.
  • Using top quality products at the appropriate quantity and at the right time for your lawn.

For all your lawn care needs in the Wrexham area choose Border Maintenance Service LTD.

For more information about our Wrexham Lawn Maintenance Services, please email us at info@bordermaintenance.co.uk or call 01978 896222.