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Wrexham Lawn Care

Clear Over Grown Lawns and Maintain Established Lawns With Our Wrexham Lawn Maintenance Service

Wrexham Lawn Maintenance Service

Whether it is a full lawn care package you need or just mowing every couple of weeks we can help, covering Wrexham, Oswestry, Chester and surrounding areas!

Unlike most Wrexham lawn care companies who offer just treatments or just lawn mowing with Border Maintenance Services LTD you can choose either service OR combine them in to a full lawn care package!

The 2020 season has virtually come to an end and at this point we are working on our lawn care plans for 2021. We are hoping to have more information available by the end of this year and ready for sign up at the start of the year.

Although we offer our lawn care plans on a “Supply and Apply” basis in the Wrexham areas, we understand that there are many people that love to spend time in their garden and do the work themselves. We also understand that DIY customers are limited to store bought treatments which are of an inferior quality to the products applied by professional lawn care companies. We are therefore working with a leading fertiliser manufacturer which will allow us to bring a range of professional grade lawn care treatments to the DIY market. Follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with news on this.


Our aim is to give our valued customers an amazing range of services and products at competitive prices.

Covering Wrexham, Oswestry and surrounding areas you can choose from basic mowing to full lawn care packages and everything in between we are sure you will find a service to suit your needs.

For the DIY enthusiast, both locally and nationally, we aim to supply high quality lawn care treatment products including season specific treatments, wetting agents, biostimulants and iron products along with premium grass seed from the UK’s leading manufacturers. Our plan is to make these available as individual purchases and as a subscription based package which will save you time, money and ensure you have the right product at the right time.

For all your lawn care needs in the Wrexham area choose Border Maintenance Service LTD.

For more information about our Wrexham Lawn Maintenance Services, please email us at info@bordermaintenance.co.uk or call 01978 896222.