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Important Changes for 2021!

Changes to payment options for 2021.

Firstly we would like to wish a Happy New Year to all of our customers and thank you for all your support through 2020.

2021 has a lot of plans and changes in store for Border Maintenance Services LTD, including expanding our list of external cleaning services to include softwashing of render/cladding, driveways, patios and brickwork along with a treatment service to be added to our lawn care services. More information will be made available via our website and Facebook page when available so please follow our page to keep up to date with these changes, link at bottom of this email.

The first major change is one that needs implementing straight away, and that is to do with payment options.

From the 1st January 2021 we will be making changes to payments options for regular services including window cleaning and lawn mowing.

Up until now several options have been offered including cash, bank transfer, card payments and GoCardless Direct Debit. This has created a lot of extra admin work and payment chasing.

From the 1st January the only payment option that will be available will be GoCardless Direct Debit. All other options will be removed, including cash. This decision has been made to ensure we can manage cashflow and admin more efficiently, both now and as the business grows. GoCardless is also our most popular payment option so was the obvious choice when deciding which single option to use.

From this date all new customers will be signed up to GoCardless prior to the first visit and we ask all current customers to sign up (if not done so already) as soon as possible to ensure service isn’t interrupted.

Signing up to GoCardless is a simple one time process and only takes a couple of minutes at most.  A personal link to the set up page can be found on your invoices that you should have received by email, if you cant find these please contact us as soon as possible and we will resend the invoice or create a new link.

We also ask that any unpaid invoices be cleared as soon as possible, again this information can be found on your latest invoice, if unsure please get in touch and we will check your balance and resend your invoice if necessary.

More information on GoCardless and our policies (payments, weather, service frequency etc) can be found on our website by following the links below.

GoCardless: https://bordermaintenance.co.uk/about-us/policies/gocardless/

Policies: https://bordermaintenance.co.uk/about-us/policies/

If, after reading the information on our website, you are still unsure or don’t wish to proceed with using GoCardless please get in touch.

We hope you understand our reasoning behind this change and look forward to carrying on our services for you through 2021.

Please also take a look at our policies page, this will give more information regarding our services including weather disruption and frequency.

Thank your custom