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(Policies effective from 01/01/2021)


Payment Information (payment options, late payments etc)

Service Frequency


Payment Information

Payment Options

As of the 1st of January 2021 we will be operating as a cashless business and will be reducing the payment options available for regular services such as window cleaning, lawn mowing and lawn treatments.

This is being done to reduce the amount of admin work to be carried out and to allow us to monitor cash flow more efficiently.

From this date (1/1/2021) the only payment option that will be available for these services will be GoCardless Direct Debit. Invoices will still be sent as normal by email and/or text and the link to set up GoCardless will be attached to the invoice.

All new customers will be required to sign up to GoCardless prior to first visit, we will send a link to the email address given to do this.

More information about GoCardless can be found HERE

PLEASE NOTE – One-off services such as pressure washing, soft washing etc will still have the option to pay by card or bank transfer.

Late or missed Payments

To reduce/eliminate late or missed payments we took the decision to accept GoCardless Direct Debit as the only payment option for our regular scheduled services. On completion of the job (when marked as complete in our work organisation app which links directly with GoCardless) GoCardless will request payment direct from your bank account. Successful payments will then take around 5 working days to be taken. If unsuccessful, further payment requests will be made automatically by GoCardless.

Although these systems have been put in partly to reduce/eliminate late payments we will still have a late/missed payment policy in place to protect the business as much as possible.

Late Payment policy

Window Cleaning and Lawn Mowing

These will operate on a “Two Visit” basis. This means that if after two cleans/mows we haven’t received payment in full prior to the scheduled third visit your service will be suspended and will only resume once payment has been made. You will then be fitted in to the next available slot in your area, eg if your third visit was due on the first Monday of February but payments weren’t received for the two previous cleans your next visit would be approx 4 weeks later assuming your balance was cleared, this could mean an extended gap between cleans.

Lawn Care Treatments

Payments for our lawn care treatment packages will be billed via GoCardless in the same way as our other regular services. The only difference being that a visit will not be made unless payment for any previous visit has been received.

“One-off” services (Pressure washing, softwashing etc)

These services will be billed upon completion and payment is due within 7 days via card payment or bank transfer.

If after 7 days payment hasn’t been received all discounts agreed during quotation will be void and a reminder will be sent requesting immediate payment in full.

Service Frequency

The frequency of which your service will be carried out will depend on which service we carry out for you.

Below you can find our usual frequencies for our various services.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning will be carried out every 4-5 weeks or multiples thereof (eg 4/8/12 weeks)

We aim for a regular 4 weekly visit but reserve the right to delay by upto a week, without notice, if due to matters beyond our control (weather, breakdowns etc) mean we cannot keep to schedule.

If, in extreme circumstances, a delay of more than a week should happen then we will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

Lawn Mowing

Our lawn mowing service operates between March and November, though this can vary depending on weather and temperature.

Frequency will be agreed with you when giving a quote for the upcoming season.

Usual frequencies are weekly or biweekly, this can vary slightly during times of bad weather when the ground is too wet or during hot spells when the ground is too dry and lawn growth slows.

Lawn Care Treatments

Our lawn care treatment packages vary depending on your requirements.

Frequencies will be decided when supplying you with a quote for the upcoming season.

Any frequency decided upon will be a guide only and is variable depending on weather etc


Being an outdoor based business we are often at the mercy of the Great British Weather!

Our various services are affected in different ways as outlined below.

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service is carried out using the water fed pole method.

This method is less affected by weather compared to the traditional ladder and squeegee method.

That being said it is still affected in some way.

The method allows us to carry on working in rain with no adverse effects to quality. We therefore reserve the right to carry out window cleaning in light to moderate rain but will cancel and rearrange in heavy rain due to safety.

The same goes for wind. We will work in light to moderate wind but will cancel and rearrange if the wind levels are deemed unsafe.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing is heavily reliant on good weather conditions.

Our aim with our lawn care services is to maintain your lawn and help it stay as healthy as possible.

We therefore arrange our visits around the weather meaning that we may have to reschedule if it is raining AND if it has rained prior to our visit.

The same can be said for spells of hot/dry weather as mowing or treating could lead to unnecessary stress to the lawn.

Sometimes a judgment has to be made whether mowing or treating your lawn in certain conditions would cause more harm than good.

More information on the weather’s impact on our schedules will be made available soon as we plan to create a blog section on our website.